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Imagineering My Way is a fan based podcast started in 2006 to express my ideas for themes park and attractions. My background is in photography, 10 years as a Disneyland Castmember and 13 years as a designer and project manager in the Architectural field. This website is an extension of the podcast and it is not my intention to just duplicate all the information I discuss on the podcast.

The Imagineering My Way Podcast has changed over the years to include segments tasked for specific types of review.

The Imagineering My Way Report Card is a segment that reviews anything in a Disney themes park from restaurants to attractions. Each review ends with a rating based on the old Disneyland and Walt Disney World ticket books. Obviously the "E" Ticket is the best and since I do not want to disgrace any attractions that were selected by Walt and his designers to be "A" Tickets, the lowest rating a review can get is the "Super Star Limo" award. I have decided for my purposes that the Super Star Limo at Disney's California Adventure is the worst attraction Disney Designers at Walt Disney Imagineering has ever created. Luckily not to many reviews receive this dubious rating.

The Imagineering My Way Bulldozer is the segment when I decide when it is time for the immediate departure of attractions, shops, restaurants, etc. due to reasons which I explain fully during the segment.

DIY Imagineering is the segment when I get to talk about and explain my ideas for for designs in the park. Many times this segment compliments the IMW Bulldozer segment as I have ideas to replace what I have just bulldozed in the IMW Bulldozer segment.

The Imagineering My Way Time Machine takes the listener back in time as I vividly describe attractions, shops, restaurants and lands from Disney park history.

The Disney's Dopplegangers segment is the place when I can compare attractions or lands from both coast. Fantasyland at Disneyland and Walt Disney World are the same. Tower of Terror at the Disney Hollywood Studios and at Disney's California Adventure differ greater yet each has its own unique contributions to the guest experience.

Early concept of the Germany Pavilion for EPCOT Center with the Matterhorn / WED Enterprises

The WEDway segment is named for the WEDway transportation system developed by WED Enterprises in the 1960's. This segment is reserved for interviews or reviews that do not fit into the other segments.

In my opinion, over the years Disney has lost sight in regards to their theme parks. I do not think the Imagineers in Glendale, CA have lost their edge, I think Disney management has lost site of what makes a Disney Theme Park, Disney. The Walt Disney Company has poured a huge amount of money into their theme parks overseas; large in part I think to their foreign business partners, yet they take a more reserved approach here in the States.

Disney Seas in Japan and Paris Disneyland are beautiful theme parks. So why did California end up with a theme park like Disney’s California Adventure which now requires a billion dollars infusion in new attractions and upgrades? There are some fine attractions at DCA and the Grand Californian is wonderful hotel, but the park as a whole falls far short of what Disney has done in the past and can do again in the future.

I will also examine how many of the existing parks were plundered, looted and mismanaged over the years. I hope you enjoy my podcast and site. Please send me comments at; I look forward to hearing from you.

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