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Casey Jr. Train

There is not much information about this little classic attraction based the circus train from Dumbo which was released on 23 October 1941 some 14 years earlier than the attraction opened to guests at Disneyland. Disneyland’s website describes the attraction this way:

Cheer for Casey as he recreates his epic struggle up hills from the classic animated feature, "Dumbo."

* Ride in a miniature circus train including cars designed as wild animal cages

* Listen carefully to hear Casey optimistically chant "I think I can"

Enjoy the view of the charming miniature villages of the Storybook Land Canal Boats

Category: Fun For Little Ones

Location: Fantasyland

This attraction is Only at the Disneyland® Resort

Disneyland’s website says this attraction is only at Disneyland, but there is another that shares it’s name at Disneyland Paris. At Disneyland Paris it is a little roller coaster that travels around Storybook Land just like the one at Disneyland.

On July 14, 1955, the Casey Jr. Circus Train made its first test ride. On the 25-percent uphill grade, the engine almost tips backward. Lead weights are added to the front, allowing it to temporarily open on the 17th. On July 31, 1955 The Casey Jr. Circus Train attraction re-opens in Fantasyland at Disneyland.

Some pieces of the train were from the original carrousel purchased for King Arthur Carrousel. Walt wanted to make room for more horses and guest so two sled type seats were removed and converted by WED into open air cars on the two Casey Jr. trains. The Casey, Jr. trains uses an internal combustion engine in the calliope car behind the locomotive uses a roller coaster-style chain to pull the train up the steepest hill.

This is certainly not an attraction that is a must visit unless you have kids and you visit very early in the day. For young adults or even older adults it might be a journey of nostalgia, but not one can enjoy with to many of your adult friend as the cars are very small.

It’s a quaint reminder of a different era, one that Walt Disney himself provided over and one that survived the remodeling of Fantasyland in 1983.

I rate the Casey, Jr. Train an IMW “C” ticket.

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