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EPCOT’s Norway Pavilion

Developed on 58,000 square feet, the Norway pavilion opened in June of 1998 and was the last addition to date in the World Showcase area of EPCOT. Ten years without a new Pavilion? That’s sad and another topic. But what is not sad is the Norway Pavilion which is designed to look like a Norwegian village that includes a detailed village and stave church, a table-service restaurant named Akershus which resembles its namesake in Oslo. 4 distinct Norwegian architecture styles are present in the Pavilion which are Setesdal-style, Bergen-style, Oslo-style and Ålesund-style.

Make sure to see the Viking ship that is inspired by the famous Oseberg ship. It used to be used as a children's play area and is now just part of the scenery and a place to take photos. Also go in the Stave Church. It doesn’t look inviting as the door is always closed. Go on in and view some Viking history.

Akershus is the home to a hot and cold buffet and a "Princess Storybook Dining" which is quite popular, even with the tweens.

Assorted Norwegian merchandise is sold in interconnected shops that make up much of the Pavilion. The rear of the courtyard in the pavilion contains the entrance to Maelstrom, the feature attraction in the Norway Pavilion.

Maelstrom is an attraction that compresses Norwegian history into 4:47. After walking through a less than inspiring queue, you board a 16 passenger dragon headed Viking boat of Eric the Red and head off into the fjord’s of Norway’s past, present, and mythology.

You’ll travel up water fall and down water falls both forward and backwards. You even hang out of the show building for a short time. This is also viewable from the Pavilion's courtyard.

You’ll see Viking Villages, Polar Bears, Trolls, and oil platforms all while getting a taste of Norwegian history. It’s not an E ticket my any means, but it is worth a ride each time you visit EPCOT.

The end of your Viking voyage brings you back to a Norwegian fishing village. Once inside on of the buildings you’ll have a chance to view a movie that compliments the voyage and give a more in-depth look at Norway.

Exiting from the theater you are in typical Disney fashion, directed into the shops of the Norway pavilion.

I rate the Norway Pavilion an IMW "D" Ticket. WDI and their Norway contributors did a great job interpreting Norwegian architecture and created a fun little attraction.

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