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Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spetacular

Indy’s stunt show goes back to 1989 and not much, if anything at all has changed over the years.

Disney World The Full Report by Brian McDaniel describes the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular this way:

It must be me, because this stage show is geared for males ( not that females don’t enjoy this show), but lets face it, demographics are demographics and where I come from guns, explosions and fighting are what we call male tendencies. The fact that I don’t enjoy this 35-minute show caused me some concern. The concern I had when I had went away, when I realized, I do have male tendencies because I don’t enjoy a single theme park stage show (except the Light, Motors, Action Show).

The show is (as most shows are) a Cliff Notes version of the Raiders of the Lost Ark movie; you have the giant ball sequence, the fight i the Arabic marketplace, and the climatic fight scene with an airplane.

TIP: Extras are chosen 15-20 minutes prior to the show, if you wan to have a chance of participating, you need to be early and act like an idiot (so you get noticed).

TIP: Even though I am not a fan, it does not deter other from witnessing the“stunt spectacular”, which means the seating capacity is filled. It is a FASTPASS attraction and you should consider taking advantage of the FASTPASS system.

EXTRA: Outside the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular there are some crates which are marked “Don’t Open’ - go ahead & open them.

EXTRA: There is a well with a rope in it that says “Do Not Pull Rope!” - pull the rope.

There is no doubt that Brian calls it like he sees it and thats why I like his book. With that said he and I will agree to disagree. He is kind of a Sheila when it comes to shows and he is man enough to admit it. I like the show but I am not crazy about it and I love the Indy series of movies.

What I do like is even though the stunt people have done the show many times over they still seem somewhat fresh. I grew up with Universal Studios and Knott’s Berry farm and many of their stunt shows get old and stale real quick. Universal used to have a Battlestar Galactica portion on the backlot tour and the people who would play Starbuck trotted from one place to another shooting etc with very little feel for stage presence and flare. Same could be said for the T2 show.

Yet another stunt show it is. It is very calculated and planed. What makes it work is the story it is spun around.

What I don’t understand is the FASTPASS. Doesn’t FASTPASS imply FAST? I have been there when you could not get in unless you had one. To get a FASTPASS and then be herded in with rest of humanity on a hot humid Florida day just seems wrong to me. Queueing up with a FASTPASS? Just wrong!

Brian mentioned the crates or boxes and the well interactive spots and to honest I have never noticed them. Sound a lot like similar to a few things Disneyland’s Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbbin Eye has during it’s queue. This is not an attraction that I need to see every time I go and I have not spent that much time in the queue. The exit is a different matter. I do enjoy see props and vehicles from the movies. I am not sure if seeing them decay over the years is the purpose and I wonder if they have always look like they do now. The first time I saw them was in 2005 and the show opened in 1998 and I assume they have been there the entire time.

With a new adventure coming soon for Dr. Jones perhaps we might se an update to the show. The show still packs them in and based on that fact might discourage the bean counters to change the show. We can hope that Lucas, Iger, and Lassiter might see the virtue of the timing and need for change. The show is ten years old now and when it premiered The Raiders of the Lost Ark was already 8 years old with the most recent of the trilogy coming out the same year as the show opened.

As far as acting like an idiot to get picked to be in the show, just ask DPN member Burnt Toast. At Fat & Happy 07 he was the poster child for idiots and he got in!

I rate the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular an Imagineering My Way “D” Ticket

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